Advanced Views and CCK

So you've added a few fields to some content types.
AND you've created some views to list them out.
That really is extremely cool, BUT there is so much more you can do with CCK+CIEWS.
We're going to look into the awesome combination of NODE_REFERENCE and VIEWFIELD modules to dynamically tie nodes together and render fields from not only a specific node but also fields from related nodes.
I will be showing how I used this powerful relationship and rendering method to power some of the trickier pages on
Take a look at an attorney bio page like
The actual node for this guys bio does NOT contain much info. The rest of this is brought in using the two modules that I will be covering.
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Saturday, 6/26
Time Slot:
2:45pm - 3:45pm
NC #1130 Growing Venture Solutions
Skill Level: