Putting on a conference is no easy feat! While we have great sponsors, both corporate and individual, we rely on the help of volunteers to really get us there.

In no particular order, we'd like to thank the following people. And, where possible we've included some of their contributions.

  • Justin Christoffersen

    One of our venue hunters Justin was also one our main resources for securing AHEC.

  • Brad Bowman

    Part of the initial organizing group, Brad also helped with sponsors and build the website.

  • Justin Toupin

    Justin helped build the website and along with Aten Design Group he sponsored the site-building sprint.

  • Jon Clark

    One of the leaders for our sponsorship program Jon has been involved since the first organizing meetings and helped realize our financials.

  • Scott Reynen

    Scott helped build our rocking website.

  • Matt Tucker

    Thanks to Matt for venue scouting and hosting the planning OA site.

  • Ben Jeavons

    Ben helped with site-building and session scheduling.

  • Greg Knaddison

    Greg helped with sponsors, financials and with building our site.

  • Ken Woodworth

    You can thank Ken and Aten Design Group for the great site design. Ken also helped with site-building.

  • Tiffany M. Dew from the MSCD chapter of AITP

    Tiffany was another of our contacts at AHEC and helped secure the location.

  • Joel Steidl

    Joel and his mustache helped build this website.

  • Ezra Gildesgame

    Ezra contributed with site-building.

  • Carl Wiedemann

    Carl was our coordinator and planner for the Saturday night party!

  • Kathy Chavez

    Kathy coordinated and handled the lunches at the venue.

  • Jason Yee

    Jason helped with badges.

  • Paul Coughlin

    Paul helped with badges and put together the handouts.

  • Lindsay Ogden

    Lindsay also helped with badge design and putting together the handouts.

  • Ken Heim

    Ken produced the t-shirts, rock!

  • Noah Smith

    Noah did the shirt design.

  • John Fiala

    John helped research badge options.

  • Steve Harley

    Steve put together off-site lunch recommendations.

For everyone who lifted a hand or offered an idea, thank you!