Drupal Site SEO Tune-up: Bring your problems, get fixes!

Do you have a Drupal site that is not performing as well as you want it to on the search engine results page?

Then this session is for you!

Session overview:

We'll start by talking about some basic SEO strategies and how they apply to Drupal and then move on to a few site reviews. People will suggest that their site be reviewed and then will get a few minutes of focused review on their site full of helpful tips - most of which are possible without any code!

If you have a site that you would like to have reviewed, please tweet it @knaddison with the hash tags #drupalcampco and #seoreview.

Sites to be reviewed in the session:

About Greg

As a partner at GVS Greg works on all sorts of sites, many of which involve SEO problems. As the maintainer of the Pathauto module and active member of the SEO Group, Greg is intimately involved in discussions about SEO and Drupal.

And, as a Drupalist Greg is happy to call the Sexiest Man in Drupal and the King of Denmark his friends.

Saturday, 6/26
Time Slot:
5:15pm - 6:15pm
NC #1539 Aten Design Group
Skill Level: