Dynamic Forms in Drupal 7 with AJAX and #states

(Here is a link to the presentation slides.)

Drupal 7 has oodles of great stuff to make your forms more dynamic and easier to use.

AJAX forms (formerly AHAH) are WAY easier to use now, My goal is that you'll walk out of this session no longer afraid of AJAX in Drupal.

What is AJAX? AJAX was called AHAH just yesterday (D6), and in the Drupal context it most often means the ability for Drupal forms to dynamically update without a page load. So it means cooler forms that don't have to press the submit button all the time - they can dynamically respond to user input.

Who is this for? Any developer or themer who knows some PHP. We'll even start out with a quick review of the Form API, so you can do it even if you havene't used the Form API before.

In this talk I'll cover:

  • How to use AJAX Forms. It's easy now.
  • Example: Dependent dropdowns
  • The Examples module's AJAX and Javascript examples.
  • Using #states for dynamic forms with little or no effort.

Want to know what AJAX forms are? Try out the AJAX examples at d7.drupalexamples.info and see the code behind it on http://api.drupal.org/api/group/ajax_examples/7 (or download the Examples for Developers module.)

Try a quick demo of #states and view the code (or download Examples and experiment).

Sunday, 6/27
Time Slot:
3:30pm - 4:30pm
NC #1539 Aten Design Group
Skill Level: