Introduction to Git is replacing its creaky CVS-based revision control system with Git. Time to git up to speed on Git!

A copy of the presentation slides are here :

This session attempts to aid the transition for you by covering the following topics :

  • Short history of revision control systems
  • Installing Git (yes, it works great on Windows!)
  • Git's killer feature - intra-repository branches
  • Exit, stage left - Git's staging area
  • What's the diff? diff, difftool, diff --stat
  • Bisect your bugs away
  • Transferring your changes
    • We don't need no stinking patches!
    • Go fetch! or Push-Me-Pull-You
  • A touch of advanced topics
    • Remote tracking branches
    • Pre-commit hooks
    • Continuous integration with Hudson
    • Handling merge conflicts
    • Rebasing
    • Cherry picking
    • NetBeans integration
    • CVS or SVN integration

David Luhman

Saturday, 6/26
Time Slot:
11:00am - 12:00pm
NC #1535 Commerce Guys
Skill Level: