What to expect at DrupalCamp

DrupalCamp Colorado is this upcoming weekend in downtown Denver at the Auraria Higher Education Center and we thought it'd be helpful to let you know a bit of what to expect beyond FUN.


With 36 sessions in two days running three simultaneously there should be no doubt that this weekend is full of Drupal. From intro to Drupal and beginning themes to a hard-core, in-depth field API talk there is a wide variety of topics this year, though the days lean a bit developer-centric. You'll wish you could attend multiple sessions at once! Unfortunately we don't have the resources or means to completely record all sessions. You can expect to learn some great things from sessions presented by your peers from the local and international community.

See the schedule of sessions

Birds of a Feather

... flock together, or gather together and talk about whatever they like! While the conference offers typical single-speaker presentations, BOFs are a great way to make the camp be about what you want to learn or share. Feel free to use the forums to organize ahead of time.

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Ain't no party like a DrupalCamp party, and this year we have two! You can expect complimentary drinks, more great community, and c4rl on the tables spinning tracks between 80 and 110 bpms.

Friday night party & Saturday night party


Hosting on the Auraria Higher Education Center was great for us because of the location and price, but it's also a big campus and parking isn't great. Check out the travel page for details on the location and parking.

Location and parking


Coffee, tea, and pastries in the mornings, BBQ & fajitas for lunch on Saturday and pasta on Sunday, and a bit of coffee and tea both afternoons. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options at lunch will be separate and labeled.



Be sure to visit your profile on the site and complete the information under "Edit" > "Personal information" as some of that information will be added to your badge to help folks get to know each other by looking at badges.

Your badge will be required to attend sessions and the evening parties.

Code sprint

Code sprints are a great way to focus the collective energy back on to the software to squash bugs or write the future of Drupal. Examiner.com will host an all-day sprint on Monday after Camp at it's headquarters in Downtown Denver at 555 17th Street, Denver CO at 10am.



We have almost twenty Drupal books to giveaway.

Most of all it's the community

Drupal is made up of a super-strong world-wide community, but even locally in Colorado or your own area the community can be strong. That strength is always apparent at our local conferences and meetups, so expect to meet a lot of new friends and have a great time.

Many thanks to you for signing up and joining us, our volunteers for helping, and our many sponsors for what will be a wonderful DrupalCamp! See you this weekend!

Are laptops required (or even useful) for DrupalCamp?

Just wondering whether to bring a laptop along, and if so what software to pre-load. Thanks!

yep, I'd like to know that too.

To laptop or not to laptop.


Definitely useful but not at all required! You'll see a lot of people on their computers. Marc's virtual session should be helpful to you in getting Drupal installed locally http://drupalcampcolorado.org/sessions/virtual-session-installing-develo...