Drupal 7 entities and fields ... transitioning to D7

In this session we will explore Drupal 7 entities and fields from a coders perspective. This will be a technical overview of the changes that have been introduced to content types in Drupal 7 and will walk through the creation of a basic content type includes widgets, fields and formatters.

This presentation is designed to set the framework for chx's presentation which should cover additional in-depth compnents of entities including pluggable data storage with NoSQL db's like Mongodb

This will be an advanced session that will put non-coders to sleep :) It is meant to lay the foundation for chx's session http://drupalcampcolorado.org/sessions/field-api-create-and-work-field

Sunday, 6/27
Time Slot:
11:45am - 12:45pm
NC #1539 Aten Design Group
Skill Level:

I posted my slides for this

I posted my slides for this presentation at http://www.slideshare.net/cyberswat/d7-entities-fields