Introduction to Views: Build a slideshow

This session will walk beginners step-by-step through the process of creating a slideshow using views and a few other contributed modules.

Some of the things we will look at:

  • Installing the views module
  • Installing the views_slideshow module
  • Creating custom content types
  • Creating a block display for the view
  • Creating an attachment for the view
  • Configuring the slide show settings to create different effects

I will have already picked some images to use in my slide show prior to the presentation; you should, too.

Saturday, 6/26
Time Slot:
11:00am - 12:00pm
NC #1130 Growing Venture Solutions
Skill Level:

I don't suppose you could use

I don't suppose you could use this session as a little bit more of a general "Views for beginners" session? There isn't one right now, and it could certainly complement my beginners session on CCK. I envision a session (obviously only if you were up to it) where the general Views concepts were explained first and the actual building of a slideshow View was more of a 10 minute walkthrough. In fact, we could join forces and as part of my CCK session I could demonstrate building the content type that you use in this session. That'd shave some time off of your current agenda to allow more time for general introductions.

Duly noted. I will make sure

Duly noted. I will make sure to go over the different "areas" on the views screen.

BTW: when I say content type, I am not talking about CCK. I am talking about admin/content/types/add.

Revisiting this, I finally

Revisiting this, I finally got around to posting my slideshow tutorial from a few site builds:

Also, I intend to walk through adding content types. I call it a CCK walkthrough b/c I'm also showing how to add fields - basically the first few steps in my tutorial.

For those of you who attended

For those of you who attended this session, I highly recommend checking out

This module will allow the text and the image fields to exist on a single content type, instead of two different content types.

Views is a complicated module, so I recommend searching for tutorials and screencasts for additional assistance.

Will you be posting your

Will you be posting your notes? That would be helpful.


I have started a blog at

I have started a blog at I will post something there as I have time. Thanks for asking. You may also check out a slideshow that I built using pretty much the exact steps I showed in the presentation at