Site Configuration Management (and staging) using Features Module

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One of the biggest challenges in the Drupal world is managing, staging, and controlling our site configuration. Everything is in the database, and it's hard to control a database in a file-based source-code management environment.

Features module comes to our rescue here. We can bundle up our site's configuration, save it to a module, and source control it. When the configuration changes, we can update the module and source control the changes. We can push those changes from staging to production using source control and then apply them on production. It's a happy life.

We'll go over the how-to and then do a live demonstration.

Saturday, 6/26
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4:00pm - 5:00pm
NC #1130 Growing Venture Solutions
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This is one of the most

This is one of the most challenging problems I've come across...continuous integration with drupal- how to reconcile differences between the dev/staging/production sites. I would be very interested to find out more about features and how to use it. I've tried it out in the past but I got a hall-of-mirrors archive file that opened up to an archive file to an archive file once. the other time, I was able to open and install it, I could not get some features to work (no pun intended). Maybe I check it out since it's been a couple of months.