Theming and Designing for Mobile Devices

Have you noticed how a site can look great on your computer, but when viewing it on a mobile device it's unreadable, ugly, and takes forever to load?

Maybe you're designing a site, or you already have one or more sites. Now is the time to make it friendlier for mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, and others.

In this session we will cover design considerations if you are still in the design phase, as well as demonstrate techniques for adding a mobile interface for your existing sites.

[update] slides also posted here:

Sunday, 6/27
Time Slot:
9:15am - 10:15am
NC #1539 Aten Design Group
Skill Level:

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I tried to attach the session notes, but the file size is larger than what is allowed. I tried to post to, but am unsuccessful there too. I'll try again later today.

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Looks like the file size limit was just updated. Session notes are now attached as a PDF file.