WordPress is better than Drupal: developers take note.

Yes, I said it.

Come watch me build a basic WordPress site in less time than it takes you to floss your teeth.

WordPress gets some very important things right, and their hold on this market is proof. There are 11.4 million active installations of WordPress software, compared to only hundreds of thousands of Drupal installations. We need to get our act together, raise our standards, and lower the barrier to entry.

Come join me in talking about what this community needs to do to ensure its survival. What should we really be focusing on in Drupal Core for D8? What should you do with your own modules to prevent our CMS from being abandoned in favor of something else?

Saturday, 6/26
Time Slot:
4:00pm - 5:00pm
NC #1539 Aten Design Group
Skill Level:

all i can say is durp.

all i can say is durp.

I find this session amusing

I find this session amusing because I am a long time Wordpress user who is attending this camp to find out what Drupal offers that Wordpress doesn't. It's my due diligence before I decide on the CMS for our library.

I'm open - I actually like coding. And some libraries close by area using Drupal so I'll have some community support.

But I also need to look at usability, providing a friendly, familiar environment for the content providers, who are largely not very technical.

I'm looking forward to meeting other developers and seeing what Drupal has to offer :)